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☑️ Have you always wanted to sing, but were told you didn't have the voice for it?

☑️ Have you always had an interest in writing songs, but you've put it off because you were too busy or didn't think you could do it?

☑️ Have you been struggling to find inspiration? Do you feel like you need some creative fire to lift you out of your mundane routine?

Do I need experience in music to benefit?

No, all you need is a story and to be ready to open your mind to songwriting. Think imagery, emotion, and heart when crafting your story!

I have a lot of experience, is it worth my time?

Honestly, there is no graduating from this line of work, there is always room for growth.  Over the last two decades, I have worked with top producers and major industry talent and I will be passing that knowledge and experience on to you.

I don't want to sing, is it required?

Singing is a natural part of the songwriting process, but you do not have to have your voice on the recording.  I can help with that, or you could hire someone to sing for you.  However, I have found that many of my clients discover they actually do want to take a shot at singing - you might surprise yourself!



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"If you would have told me at the beginning of this year I’d write  and sing two plus original songs. I mean, not just in the shower  or car  lol Really have songs, music, recordings…I  would have said that sounds like a pipe dream because, “I CANT SING!” well, here I am with Drew at his Los Angeles studio. We wrapped up recording “Radio.” A song about Alzheimers and my mom. Working on my next song, “Ride Baby Ride.” Guess what? I’m doing it!! I’m actually living out a dream!!"

- Pam B.


"An amazing day yesterday with Drew Lawrence we finally finished all the songs for my kids album. Who would have thought that this project would ever had come about. What initially started as a poem for a kids assembly to distribute dictionaries with Rotary has become a full blown album of 12 songs for kids to learn from. The next part of the project is getting them live online so that people can hear them and kids can learn. Supper energized by this."

- Elaine B.

Yes, I Need Creativity in My Life!
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After graduating from Berklee College of Music I went on to become a multi platinum selling singer, songwriter and producer.

Over the years I have worked with some of the biggest talent in the music industry including Chirstina Perri, The Backstreet Boys, Lea Michele, Julia Michaels and Madison Beer.  I have also helped coach top actors such as Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley for musical performance in film.

My band, The Dales, has released 3 albums and toured the US since 2017.  Our music has received  national radio play and has been featured on network television. 

Currently I'm working on writing and recording my personal legacy.  In 2024 I will be releasing my first solo album, a dream of mine for the past 20 years!  

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