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YOUR Voice & Inner Songwriter 

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There are almost 8 billion people in the world!

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After graduating from Berklee College of Music I went on to become a multi platinum selling singer, songwriter and producer. Over the years I have worked with some of the biggest talent in the music industry including Chirstina Perri, The Backstreet Boys, Lea Michele, Julia Michaels and Madison Beer.  I have also helped coach top actors such as Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley for musical performance in film. My band, The Dales, has released 3 albums and toured the US since 2017.  Our music has received  national radio play and has been featured on network television.  Currently I'm working on writing and recording my personal legacy.  In 2024 I will be releasing my first solo album, a dream of mine for the past 20 years!  



"Drew's singer / songwriter course reminded me how much joy music brings to my life.  I gained confidence as my voice grew stronger and at the end of 8 weeks I had actually written a song!"
- Selena Hinojosa

"I finally have a roadmap to learning how to discover my's brought me so much happiness to realize I can do this".

- Jaden Martenson  





"Working with Drew has changed my life.  I have always had the dream of performing country music.  I came to Drew at 39 years old with no experience.  4 years later, I have 2 albums out and I'm performing my original music professionally across the Western US, Canada and Mexico"
- Nick Cain  


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