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Ellen Newhouse

“Working with Drew one on one was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was so scared to invest money in myself and in my art (as I've been burned before by people who were damn good sales people yet never had the skills to deliver). Drew is all heart & soul combined with being an extremely talented and generous musician. I am in awe of the synergy that happens at each and every session. Drew brings his very best to you every time.” 

Nick Cain

"Working with Drew has changed my life.  I have always had the dream of performing country music.  I came to Drew at 39 years old with no experience.  4 years later, I have 2 albums out and I'm performing my original music professionally across the Western US, Canada and Mexico.”

Liza Dealey-Thompson

"Working with Drew has changed my life. He provides an especially safe, supportive, happy and fun work atmosphere that allows for the best ideas to come through. I started out feeling insecure and unworthy and have evolved session by session into someone who's confident in their ability to craft a song and tell stories through music."

Selena Hinojosa

“I started working with Drew through his group course, and together, we’ve written 4 pretty awesome songs, which I have recorded in his studio. I’m now doing some private coaching with him, and I’m confident that Drew will help me achieve my dream of recording an English/ Spanish album!”

Pamela Bradley

“Working with Drew has been a personal transformation from uncertainty in my ability to sing or write songs, to hell yeah, that’s pretty darn good. He has helped me understand, in a simplified way, how to improve my singing and have my ideas and words expressed as songs that will outlive me. I have a new found confidence in my ability to connect with others that has come from Drew nudging me to own my self expression.”

Laura Clancy

“As an aspiring Musical Theater Tony® Award winner, I was thrilled to find Drew Lawrence and become one of his select V.I.P. members in February of 2023. Since then, we've worked together weekly co-creating incredible songs AND sparkling up my singing. My lifelong dream is now within reach.”

Dr. Izdhihar Jamil, Ph.D.

"Drew helped me to write a song for TEDx Huntington Beach, "Never Stop," to capture the theme of POSSIBILITY. I'm not a singer/songwriter but I had a vision and Drew guided me through a simple but heartfelt process. He created the space to nurture my creativity and I had so much fun working with him. My song has since inspired people and put a smile on their faces. We're now working on our next songs to compliment my book, "Balls of Steel". Working with Drew is such a joy, he's compassionate, thoughtful and cares about my vision"


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