Discover YOUR Inner Singer Songwriter


Three Key Steps

What are They? 

  1. CONNECT WITH YOUR INNER WORLD Unlock your songwriting potential through stillness. 
  2. EXPLORE YOUR VOICE Begin transforming your voice by refining and strengthening your instrument.
  3. SHARE YOUR AUTHENTIC SELF Convince your audience you are the real thing through authenticity without judgment!

This free download will help you enhance your singing and songwriting while jump starting your creativity!

 "Working with Drew has changed my life. He provides an especially safe, supportive, happy and fun work atmosphere that allows for the best ideas to come through. I started out feeling insecure and unworthy and have evolved session by session into someone who's confident in their ability to craft a song and tell stories through music."   

Liza Dealey-Thompson

"I finally have a roadmap to learning how to discover my's brought me so much happiness to realize I can do this."

Jaden Martensen

"Drew helped me to write a song for TEDx Huntington Beach, "Never Stop," to capture the theme of POSSIBILITY. I'm not a singer/songwriter but I had a vision and Drew guided me through a simple but heartfelt process. He created the space to nurture my creativity and I had so much fun working with him. My song has since inspired people and put a smile on their faces..."

Dr. Izdihar Jamil, Ph.D.

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